Almost all of our clients in spend months researching options for their new kitchen before making an appointment to visit our showroom. Most of the initial decisions made during the planning stages of a fabulous new kitchen involve the type, color, design and material for cabinetry, countertops, hardware, sinks, faucets and appliances. However, other more subtle decisions need to be made to obtain the kitchen of your dreams and avoid unpleasant surprises.

The subcontractors we work with understand local building codes and explain how code compliance will affect your kitchen remodel. We had a client who simply wanted to replace a range only to find that the project was not so simple. The old appliance configuration was not up to current code. Replacing the range also required replacing the ventilation system and electrical configuration. Make sure that you ask about code requirements and actions you might have to take to ensure compliance.

Selecting cabinet hardware involves more than choosing the design and finish. You need to determine how you want your cabinets and drawers to open. Once you select the hardware, placement is another consideration. It is more of an art than a science to place the hardware where it serves both as a visual focal point and a functional tool.

Countertop selection requires more than specifying the color, shape and material. This detail can make a world of difference in the look, feel and functionality of a new kitchen. Some edge options are more appropriate for traditional and transitional kitchens, and others are better suited for contemporary and modern motifs. Some edges are round, and others can be square. Some have a sharp edge, and others do not. Sharp edges may not be appropriate in homes with young children or older seniors. Edge choice also is influenced by countertop material and the look and feel that you want to achieve.

Countertop selection also involves choosing a finish. Popular natural stone and quartz countertop finishes include polishes and honed. There are pros and cons to both. Polished finishes provide a mirror effect, and a honed finish provides a softer, more organic impression. Honed finishes tend to hide scratches better than a polished counterpart. If the honed countertop is not properly sealed, it can be more susceptible to staining.

Toe kicks are the vertical space between the floor and the base of your floor cabinets. Selecting the type and color of your toe kick is easy if your cabinets are all the same color. When you have cabinets in multiple colors, the decision is not as easy. Often our clients are drawn to having a different material for their island than their other cabinets. Some of our clients opt to use the same material as the island for the island toe kick. Other times a third visual is employed to tie the entire kitchen together. When working with a designer, don’t forget to address toe kick material, look and finish.

Plumbing and hardware finishes also have a significant effect on the look and feel of your new kitchen. To make sure that you nail every detail of your new kitchen with no surprises, stop by our showroom at 95 E Conway Rd Center Conway, NH 03813 or give us a call at 603-356-5766.